General Information 

Working to affirm classical Anglicanism within the Anglican Church of Canada

The ALLIANCE is a national organization representing Canadian Anglicans, coast to coast to coast. We have grown out of the grassroots response of Anglicans to the crisis that has been developing in their church over the past 50 years.

The Alliance endeavors to be a rallying place for faithful Canadian Anglicans who want to see the Anglican Church of Canada embrace and live by the principles of its own constitution as set forth in the 
Solemn Declaration of 1893, and clarified in the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials of 1994. We are striving to assist the efforts of all Anglicans in this country who wish to see their church remain in full membership with the global Anglican Communion. To that end, we support the Anglican Covenant and urge our church to endorse it and pattern our relationships with other Anglicans by it.

Why did we change the name?

Why the name changed from Anglican Essentials Federation to Anglican Communion Alliance (ACA). 

We established ourselves as a separate organization in 2010 to continue the affirmation of classical Anglicanism within the Anglican Church of Canada. Developments within conservative orthodoxy in Canadian Anglicanism caused us to reconsider and reaffirm where we stand within the Anglican Church of Canada.    

Our desire was, and is, to work, not only in our councils of the Church, but also at the grass roots level with clergy and laity who have also chosen to remain in the Anglican Church here in Canada.