Life Before Birth

Abortion is the Anti-Gospel |
By Daniel Ritchie

August 11, 2015

You are going to have a healthy baby boy. 

Those are the words every expectant couple wants to hear. But what happens when a couple gets the most stomach-churning news imaginable — news that there’s a medical issue with the tiny little baby growing in his mother’s womb? Parents start to ask questions. Will my baby be okay? What will our little boy’s life be like? How will this boy’s health affect our lives? Will it all be worth the struggle?

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Make abortion an election issue, MPs urge demonstrators |
By Adam Feibel 

May 14,2015

Police estimated that 8,000 people took part in the annual March for Life rally against abortion. 
Organizers say 25,000 attended. Photo: Julie Oliver | Ottawa Citizen

More than a dozen members of Parliament encouraged thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators at an annual March for Life rally Thursday to “vote pro-life” in the oncoming federal election. 

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Author Claims Abortion is Bad for Mothers and Society
Author Ian Gentiles is Interviewed by Michael Coren on SunNews

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Pro-Choice Groups Merge Amid Abortion Access Concerns | CBC
By Laura Payton

November 14, 2014

Three pro-choice groups in Canada are merging to try to increase their reach and influence on issues related to sexual and reproductive rights.

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