Prayer Requests

Intercessory Prayer List

Please join us in supporting each other through prayer by adding some of the following to your personal prayer list:
The Anglican Communion Alliance
  • Our Board 
  • Our members
  • Supporting Bishops and congregations

Our 2015 Desiring the Kingdom Conference
  • Conference Team and Sponsors
  • Conference Speaker
  • Workshop Leaders and Panelists
  • Conference attendance and promotional support from priests and other church leaders
  • Support for parish and personal sponsorship of students and other church leaders to register
  • Facilities and technicalities for the conference
  • Good travel, health and weather
  • Life transforming teaching and receptivity for the conference
Leadership and Important Issues
  • The Primate and House of Bishops
  • The Marriage Commission
  • CoGS
  • General Synod 2016
  • The Gracious Restraint Bishops
Our Indigenous Partners and Neighbours
  • The Northern Dioceses and the Council of the North: their Bishops, Clergy, Laity and resources for their mission
  • The Truth and Reconciliation Report's impact and response
  • Bishop Mark MacDonald and our Indigenous Ministries and Leaders
  • The persecuted Church throughout the world
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury
  • truth and reconciliation in the worldwide Anglican Communion

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