Primates' Gathering

Many people are reflecting on the Primates’ Gathering held in Canterbury January 11-16. Among them is our ACA Past Chair, The Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Henderson, Rector of Christ Church St. James, Etobicoke. His perspective comes from years of being part of this debate in the Anglican Church of Canada where he played a leading role in the decision to form ACA, a group of Anglicans who have chosen to remain within the church as a minority faithful to the traditional, scriptural view of marriage. Click the link below to download the essay.

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The Anglican Communion Institute in Canada released a response to the Primate's Meeting from a Canadian perspective: 

Response to the Meeting of Primates in Canterbury, January 2016 

If you drop a penny from your hand to the ground, no one notices. Drop it from the 18th floor, and everyone pays attention. If you shoot an arrow from a distance, and it leaves the bow off only by a fraction, no matter how smooth the shot feels, it will still land far from the target.

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"Anglican Ink" A Good Resource for Primates Gathering

There are many accounts emerging on the Primate’s Gathering in Canterbury this week. Anglican Ink can be counted on for good, balanced reporting with the latest news. Click on the video of George and Kevin which offers a fascinating description of some of the surprising dynamics at work.


News Unfolds as the Primates' Meeting in Lambeth Approaches

"With the latest Primates Meeting set to take place in Canterbury from January 11-16, Primates from across the worldwide Anglican Communion will soon be making their way to England to address some of the most pressing concerns for Anglicans around the globe.

Each of the 38 provinces that make up the Anglican Communion is autonomous, yet part of an interdependent whole. The Primates Meeting is one of four Instruments of Communion that help bring the provinces together, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury—who serves as symbolic spiritual leader of the communion—the Lambeth Conference, and the Anglican Consultative Council." (Quoted From: The Primates Meeting: Bringing Together Parts of one Whole)

A Letter From GAFCON

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray you will take a moment to read this important message. 

GAFCON was formed in 2008 to guard and proclaim the unchanging, transforming Gospel through biblically faithful preaching and teaching which frees our churches to make disciples by clear and certain witness to Jesus Christ in all the world.

Sadly, that truth continues to be called into question in the Anglican Communion and I am writing to invite you to partner with us as a decisive moment approaches.
I write to make you aware that the Archbishop of Canterbury has called together all the Primates of the Anglican Communion for a meeting in Canterbury 11th – 16th January 2016 . At this gathering a basic church-defining principle will be at stake:
Will Christ rule our life and witness through His word, or will our life and witness be conformed to the global ambitions of a secular culture?  
Together, by the grace of God, we are praying that the Communion will emerge from its current crisis repentant, renewed and restored for its global mission of proclaiming the gospel which is good news for all people, in all places and at all times.  This is the hope and testimony of the GAFCON Primates as they approach this gathering.
So please do stand with us in this historic task by urgent prayer and practical support. The following link provides details on how you can stand with us at this crucial time in history:
Thank you so much for your partnership in the longing we share to see Christ glorified in his church.
Yours in Christ’s service,
Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, Primate of Kenya
and Chairman of the GAFCON Primates’ Council


Hiltz: Primates' Meeting 'not a decision-making body'| Anglican Journal

December 16, 2015
By André Forget

A number of primates within the Anglican Communion are pushing for a Primates’ Meeting agenda that “reflects not only concerns within the domestic life of the church, but around the urgent issues within our common humanity,” said Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Returning from his December 9 meeting with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Hiltz said he was informed by Welby that this particular call “is not coming from just certain parts of the Communion—it’s coming from every part of the Communion.”

While Hiltz acknowledged that issues aroundsame-sex marriages will be an important topic of conversation at the meeting, he said he has encouraged Welby to make sure that the meeting's agenda tackles important issues affecting the church and the world.

Earlier, Hiltz identified poverty, the global refugee crisis and climate change as key concerns for churches.

In an interview with the Anglican Journal, Hiltz said he was pleased with how receptive Welby was to this message. “He’s very open to that, and he said that a lot of the primates are calling for an agenda that reflects both.”

Hiltz also said that after his meeting with Welby, he came away “encouraged by his [Welby’s] clarity in terms of what the Primates’ Meeting is and what it’s not.”

The Primates’ Meeting “is not a decision-making body—it’s a body for people that come together to pray and discuss and discern and offer some guidance. We don’t make resolutions,” Hiltz said.

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